Something to enjoy

Chicken barbecue in VergennesVergennes Day celebration, Vergennes VT 8/26/2006


About Vermont Woodchuck

Professional Photojournalist since 1969 with a BFA from SUNY Purchase 1979-Visual Arts. I despise advocacy news journalism. Every photojournalist should be prepared to show their camera RAW images of news events. Reason: RAW images cannot be altered no matter what is done to the finished product.
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One Response to Something to enjoy

  1. dieta says:

    Personally I shoot RAW as much as I can, but the downside is certainly the size of the files. Post-processing really doesn’t take too much more time, as long as your computer has enough RAM to handle the large files, but storage of more and more large images is becoming an issue for everyone. My work flow is such that if I did shoot in RAW format then I will only convert to JPEG those files that I intend to file for the newspaper.

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