Boiling sap

The sugar house becomes active when the temperatures reach 40° in the day time and drop to 20° at night. The sap in the maples starts running and as long as the temperatures hold it won’t get bitter. A good tree can produce a gallon of syrup from 24 gallon of sap. Here’s the evaporator working and how they test the syrup during processing.FFA at Grants farm (6)
They can check the sugar content of the syrup as it boils off so the get the proper level.FFA at Grants farm (5)
When the syrup has reached the proper consistency, it is drained from the evaporator, allowed to cool to 85° then filtered to remove the sugar sand. (sugar crystals) then it is bottled for sale.
FFA at Grants farm (14)Future Farmers of America Sugar House Rte 17, Addison, Vermont 03/26/2006

Maple syrup grades from Grade A dark Fancy to Light commercial grade.
Mt. Pleasant Maple 1Mt. Pleasant Maple syrup, Salisbury Vermont 02/09/2006

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