Cabin Fever

It doesn’t take too mich to get one longing for some sun, warmer days and a bit less snow. With a month and a couple of days more to go before Spring, the yearning gets stronger each day. All one has to do is look at a thermometer and see 10° at 1430 hours and it looks like the night is settling in, one wants a hot toddy and a good book to pass the time.
St Valentine's stormA view from the window Ferrisburgh, Vermont 02/14/2007


About Vermont Woodchuck

Professional Photojournalist since 1969 with a BFA from SUNY Purchase 1979-Visual Arts. I despise advocacy news journalism. Every photojournalist should be prepared to show their camera RAW images of news events. Reason: RAW images cannot be altered no matter what is done to the finished product.
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