On dining out

On the web at one time was a photo of a sign out side a Chinese restaurant saying “No ask, we no see you cat!” Obviously they were pestered by some jokers.

Have you ever gone out with a group of friends to a posh Hunan place where all decided to order the House Specialty. That consisted of a large lazy susan serving tray piled with vegetable dishes, noodles and meats that look like chicken, pork, beef and fish. The menu says the food is exotic and it appears to be just that. Everyone tucks in and it tastes great. Afterward, sipping your tea you get your fortune cookie.
Cat Fortune cookiePhoto made in a Chinese Restaurant, genuine red table cloth and fortune cookie Message is studio work, couldn’t resist.


About Vermont Woodchuck

Professional Photojournalist since 1969 with a BFA from SUNY Purchase 1979-Visual Arts. I despise advocacy news journalism. Every photojournalist should be prepared to show their camera RAW images of news events. Reason: RAW images cannot be altered no matter what is done to the finished product.
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