The nest

Most people don’t know where to look for them. You have to look in the darker places, under low hanging shrubs, in thorny bramble patches and anywhere it is damp, fetid with sluggish waters that have an oily sheen on them. When you find those places, you will have found a “Politician’s Nest”. Look for scales that have been shed as a clue.
Tomorrow, a peek inside that nest at your Congress Critter.
TheNesting PlacePen and ink Studio work 05/28/2015


About Vermont Woodchuck

Professional Photojournalist since 1969 with a BFA from SUNY Purchase 1979-Visual Arts. I despise advocacy news journalism. Every photojournalist should be prepared to show their camera RAW images of news events. Reason: RAW images cannot be altered no matter what is done to the finished product.
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