The Fixer Upper

Realtors are always on the lookout for the special place that they can sell to some individual who fancies himself ‘handy’. This place would be advertised as a cute fixer upper, in need of some TLC. Two or three hogsheads of paint and a small rain forest of lumber will have this place looking spiffy in no time. Imagine being able to sit on your front porch and watch the world go by.
Additional benefit has the roof warranty goes with the sale of the house. Not having to worry about that for 60 days is a real plus.

Great road frontage, big trees and a large lawn. House is sited back far enough from the road so that the occasional drunk, failing to negotiate the minor curve, won’t crash into the house.
Plenty of wildlife will traipse across your lawn: Possums, skunks, feral cats, a coyote or two and a few ubiquitous wild hogs. These can and will provide amusement and excitement.

Asking #197,950 cash or US postal money orders. Immediate closing No questions asked.
Fixer upper
Fixer upper Clark Road, Inman, South Carolina 11/15/2015


About Vermont Woodchuck

Professional Photojournalist since 1969 with a BFA from SUNY Purchase 1979-Visual Arts. I despise advocacy news journalism. Every photojournalist should be prepared to show their camera RAW images of news events. Reason: RAW images cannot be altered no matter what is done to the finished product.
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