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Who you lookin’ at?

Cattle are quite curious. As I mentioned elsewhere, any animal that spends most of the day with their face stuck in the ground don’t rank high on the IQ scale. Take old Clarence here. If you walk up to him, … Continue reading

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Rebirth of a woodland

In a woodlot nothing goes to waste. A fallen tree, last years leaves, dead fauna and other detritus from past storms all slowly rot, turn into humus and become rooting material for new growth. The decay provides nutrients for next … Continue reading

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As the seasons change, so do the birds we see in the area in which we live. This one probably came down the Atlantic Flyway. The easy identifier of the Coot is the white bill and the sooty black feathers. … Continue reading

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The hunt for lunch

Poking through the water oak leaves for a choice acorn is the chore every day for lunch and dinner. The shore line of Lake Bowen is well covered with the oaks and hickory trees. Squirrels are quite abundant. Even with … Continue reading

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Herding goats and cats

Many things may be seen on rural roads in farm country. Herding goats is one part of the daily chores; they need to graze. While herding goats this individual also manages to herd a couple of cats. Now that is … Continue reading

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Rainy day shelter

All day the rain came and went as a drizzle to a cold rain. The week hasn’t seen the sun and won’t until the first of October. Can’t complain since we’re over 6″ short of normal rainfall. That doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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Winter pasture

During one of the photo trips I was returning back home and decided to come back up the middle of the state. Taking Rte 4 from Rutland, at Killington, I took Rte 100 North. Above Stockbridge I came upon this … Continue reading

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The last visit

When making the photos of the bluebirds, I figured I had a couple of days, maybe a week to get some images of the fledglings leaving the nest. Some day things will work out as I plan them not as … Continue reading

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Bluebird pair

Bluebirds don’t use brand new boxes, they want them aged. This box has been up five years. With the camera on the tripod about 40′ away from the bird house, I used a 300mm lens and a remote release. That … Continue reading

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This farm animal doesn’t moo

Vermont has turned to more exotic animals as dairy prices have dropped. No, You’re not going to get a job in the parlor milking emu. These birds, along with elk and buffalo, are raised as meat stock as they appear … Continue reading

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