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To the Season

This photo was made in 2008 in Leicester Vermont. To me it captured what rural Vermont was when I was growing up. I saw this farm during the day so I knew where to be for the photo; what I … Continue reading

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The Little Patriot

When I made this photo I was taken by the enthusiasm of this kid, sitting off by himself, thoroughly enjoying the parade and his chance to join in the festivities. Every passing fire truck, band and marching unit was cause … Continue reading

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Saving your dumb butt from death

So you forgot again. You must like sleeping on the couch. Well here is one last chance to save your ass from eating cold dog food for a week. All the hard work has been done. A couple of simple … Continue reading

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Deer camp door

Every deer camp in Vermont no matter how remote has a door with a lock. Long gone are the days when one could leave a place open and expect to find is as one left it the year before. That’s … Continue reading

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The last warm days

One takes advantage of these days; early October is color change, warm sunny days and chilly nights, the harbinger of things to come. Any weekend where the sun is out, smart Vermonters make use of the free warmth. Soon the … Continue reading

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At the farmer’s market

In farm country, the farmer’s market is on the weekend a place to meet and exchange gossip and farming ideas. One also buys what isn’t grown on your place and usually you sell your product as well. There is always … Continue reading

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The Surfers

Cape May Boardwalk running along Beach Ave is a quiet place before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. The locals get a change to enjoy the ocean particularly in April and early May. The water is cold, it’s windy and … Continue reading

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Saying Good-bye

ZODIAC and his brother wee orphaned in New Orleans during Katrina. His mistress adopted the pair from a rescue center and brought them to Vermont. Zodiac was the most affable pup who knew that I always had a dog biscuit … Continue reading

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And what else

Traveling around NY State making photos for my stock agency, I roamed the length and breadth of the rural areas. The two farmers that owned this farm stand were busy selling their own produce and others from the area. People … Continue reading

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A little rain falls

A group plans an outdoor fund raising fair, tents go up, balloons inflated and tables are placed. The weather does not cooperate and soggy footing, wet tables and few attendees dash hopes for a happy day. Weather in Vermont is … Continue reading

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