Safe anchor

Getting out of the water over night provides a safe mooring for these ducks. The Lake is quiet this early the day after the Fourth of July.At anchorMorning wake-up, Potash Road, West Addison, Vermont 07/05/2008

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Holiday on Hawkins slough

This end of the slough is not too far from Lake Champlain. Normally the water level is this high or a bit higher except in August. In Spring, the slough floods, the fish come in to spawn and the ospreys nest for easy feeding of the nestlings. Exploring the inlets in canoes and kayaks is common for in areas the water gets shallow.Exploring the sloughsThe Kayaker, Hawkins Slough, Ferrisburgh, Vermont 07/04/2008

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Avast Matey

Captain of the Rovers, casts about a weather eye¬† as he patrolled the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum festival during the Kid’s Be a Pirate Day.Kids Pirate Festival Maritime MuseumLake Champlain Maritime Museum, Ferrisburgh, Vermont 06/17/2006

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Strawberry Festival

While every strawberry festival needs a Quint to help make it a success, the star of the show is the shortcake. Without further ado…Strawberry festivalStrawberry Shortcake, Vergennes City Park Vermont 06/25/2007

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This Vermont visitor enjoyed the strawberry festival in Vergennes City Park. Not much distracted Quinton from polishing off this shortcake. He paid about 16 seconds notice of me and then the food claimed his attention again.QuintonStrawberry Festival, City Park, Vergennes, Vermont 06/25/2007

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I can see clearly from here

Several minutes passed while I made the photos of this Red Tail Hawk which seemed rather nonplussed about my closeness. I’ve photographed birds all up and down the east coast; a car works as a blind quite well. I was about 18′ from this bird.Red tail hawkRed Tail Hawk, Belglade, Florida, 02/24/1975 Ektachrome X 160 Nikon F 200mm Nikkor lens

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A car wash is nice

ROP or AOT art is what every news photographer looks for during the tour. I made these images as I found them, never posed, usually made with a longer lens.
A fundraising car wash on a sunny day brings out the vehicles to get the Vermont winter salt and dirt washed away on an unusually warm April day.
VUHS carwashVergennes, Vermont 04/19/2008

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The grass is ALWAYS tastier on the other side of the road. Give a dairy cow a chance to roam and they’ll take it.Cattle crossingMiddle Road, Bridport, Vermont 08/20/2006

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After the hard blow

Every now and then a hard storm comes up Lake Champlain; there isn’t anything to buffer the wind and rain. Waves on the big lake can build to where small craft are in danger. The scudding clouds speak to the strength of this blow. The Adirondacks to the west mitigate some of the harshest storms. Weather ArtMiddle Rd. Bridport, Vermont 10/15/2005

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When Spring does show

In South Carolina, the Bradford Pears present a fine show of finery to start the Spring season. This display lining a driveway on a farm in Spartanburg County. Right behind the pears the peach blossoms start to bloom.
Bradford Pear lane Macedonia Church Rd. Campobello, South Carolina 04/03/2010

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