There’s something on…

…on my fingers.
After you go to sleep you don’t want to leave extremities ticking out from under the covers. You never know who is going to visit and fingers are tasty to nibble on for certain critters. As all children know one has to check under the bed, but that isn’t any security for some of the nocturnal transients can fit between the headboard and the wall. One just can’t be too careful.
The night visitorFrom “My Book of Dreams-‘The Night Visitor'” Pen, brush and ink

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Memorial Day

The windmill is in Addison County, Vermont, one of those images that are more iconic than anything else. It is along Rte 22A and again one needs to be up and out early to see things. Memorial Day when I was growing up was called Decoration Day, flags and bunting, parades and speeches were given. We as kids, laced our bikes with colored crepe and rode along with the parades. Not so much today. VT windmillAddison County Windmill Vermont 06/23/2007 rest studio work

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And what else

Traveling around NY State making photos for my stock agency, I roamed the length and breadth of the rural areas. The two farmers that owned this farm stand were busy selling their own produce and others from the area. People shopped this heavily rather than the two super markets in town.For farm people, a Saturday at the Farmers Market is the epicenter of social life; one doesn’t get to see other farmers much during the week.File PhotoThe weighing of the peaches, Farmers Market, Cobleskill, NY 08/20/1971 Nikon F 85mm f1.8 lens Ektachrome 64

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When the shift is over

Wen I worked for the papers, I chose to work the night shift, we started at 15:30 and was to end at 24:00 but it rarely did. We came in around 21:30 to process film, write cutlines and do the LtR ID’s. The papers were all hot type then; nine dailies were printed so press runs started shortly after the photographers got their art to through the engraving shop. This pressman just left work after the last press run finished and stereos went back to the casting pots. I happened to come out the door at the right moment to make this photo.File PhotoEnd of the shift, Getty Square, Yonkers, NY Nikon F 85mm f1.8 lens Plus-x film 125 ASA 01/05/1972
Initially I used Tri-x but soon went to Plus-x and found that by hand developing (the paper has a Versamat) I got excellent results under all conditions.

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Steel pasta

Spartanburg SC in the Hub City for the railroads with CSX and Norfolk Southern with several large yards and a wye at Haynes Yard. Making photos of engines, cars and different things found around such places, I made a photo of cattle transport cars. I saw the turnouts (switches to the laypeople) at the end of the yard so I put the long lens on and made another photo of the cars. The collection of points1, frogs2 and turnouts looked like someone just dropped the rails down.
1 points are the movable portion of the turnout.
2 frogs are the place where the rails cross over each other.
Haynes yard, Norfolk SouthernHaynes Yard Spartanburg South Carolina 02 08 2013

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The last visit

When making the photos of the bluebirds, I figured I had a couple of days, maybe a week to get some images of the fledglings leaving the nest. Some day things will work out as I plan them not as the birds decide. The following morning, after making these photos, I went out on the deck, only to watch the chicks pop out of the bird house. Instead of getting the camera, I spent a couple of frantic minutes gathering up the cat who suddenly developed an interest in bird watching. Wait ’til next year!Bluebird female 02Inman South Carolina 08/09/2015

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A warped world

One of those things one sees when walking on a city street IF one looks. This occurred on E57th St in NYC. I was coming back from my agent’s office and happened to see this new construction going up. Lunch time and this guy was sitting in the last open section of wall. At the time I didn’t load color much, since I work for the papers and we used B&W exclusively for work. I was caught by the reflection of the building behind me in the glass.Lunch TimeE 57 St NYC NY 06/05/1970

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Rural Vermont

Unusual for Vermont is the fading out of the hill behind the barn. That hill isn’t that far away. Vermont experienced a bit of white sky and haze from a forest fire in Canada. The sunlight has a slight coloring to it which altered the greens in the trees and filtered the yellows in the grasses.Colby Hill Rd 2Colby Rd, Lincoln Vermont 06/08/2007

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Drawing flowers gives me much pleasure since they are all different, delicate and depending on type difficult to capture the essence of the plant. Usually I work from a photo since the light changes too much while going after the detail in a blossom. I give a good reference for future watercolors too.DaffodilGarden bulbs, Pen and Ink 2015

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Art oxymorons

While at the store yesterday, some people in the checkout were chatting about how one of their friends was feeling poor. She so ‘melancholy’ said one. My mind flashed to that word and a dog and the watermelon in her buggy. A 2X4 in the forehead was the result. Here is the first floor sweeping at the visual oxymoron, Meloncollie. This will get reworked probably in watercolors. I didn’t want to lose that image.Meloncollie “Meloncollie” Pen and Ink studio work

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