They look peaceful in the daytime

All the little things that one sees as a kid in the woods are peaceful and part of the surroundings. but at night, things change…you find the most mundane little take on a different persona and have a tendency to leave the woodland and visit the bedside just after nighty-night.In the forestStudio work from “My Book of Dreams”

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In a stew

From a series of works that I did for kitchens, these 5X7 and 7X9 inch black and white and colored pieces were meant for that spot on the wall that needed color or filling. They run the gamut of subjects, were sold framed. Done in a light vein, most were done in the 1980’sIn a stew 02Studio work “Kitchen Art”

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Back alley beggars

In those places in your dreams, where the pavement is damp with oily pools of dark liquid and the buildings crowd close to the street…you scurry along hoping to get to your destination. You can see the glimmer of light far down the alley. Suddenly there is a susurration from the shadows, calling for something from you and a tugging at you cuff. You’re too late for the night critters caught up with you…Friendly 01 Studio work from “My Book of dreams”

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The old property marker

As any kid can tell you, this marks the end of their world and the start of anew one; maybe it is another Terabithia. Admonishments kept the younger explorers from violating that invisible barrier; age cured that prohibition. Everyone had a marker in their heads, it might be one such as this or it might be a fire hydrant halfway down the block. Sooner of later, some daring tyke will stick that sneaker over that line and childhood is never the same.The adventure begins.The old property markerStudio work 04/23/2015

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Picking up

After mowing, some cuttings will go straight to the feed rough, rather than getting baled. Usually this happens is the weather has been damp for a few days and the fields haven’t dried. It has to be removed from the field before the next crop starts growing up through the cut.Collecting silagePlank Road New Haven, Vermont 10/9/2007

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But can you really draw

It’s one of those things that every artist gets asked. Particularly if one works in a medium that is more “abstract”. Watercolors can be such as can most other if one works in the abstract. I don’t, normally I prefer to do landscapes and “items” found around but to which people seldom pay attention.
Doodling frees the mind; it brought no end of trouble as a kid. “Stop that, you’ll never amount to anything!”, forever sounded in the ears. They were right, by their standards, I didn’t.
To this day I’ll get someone asking can you really draw, you know something. What they mean is representational art which a camera does so much better. I did these for a clothing store ad; I keep them around as proof I guess.Ties 02Ties 01Commercial work 1980’s

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Stuff dreams are made of

Every kid has their own critter that comes out of the closet and visits soon after the lights go out. Or maybe this guy hides under the bed. Who knows? What color was your visitor?Character 01Every town USA

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On dining out

On the web at one time was a photo of a sign out side a Chinese restaurant saying “No ask, we no see you cat!” Obviously they were pestered by some jokers.

Have you ever gone out with a group of friends to a posh Hunan place where all decided to order the House Specialty. That consisted of a large lazy susan serving tray piled with vegetable dishes, noodles and meats that look like chicken, pork, beef and fish. The menu says the food is exotic and it appears to be just that. Everyone tucks in and it tastes great. Afterward, sipping your tea you get your fortune cookie.
Cat Fortune cookiePhoto made in a Chinese Restaurant, genuine red table cloth and fortune cookie Message is studio work, couldn’t resist.

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Fence line on gray paper

Fence lines wander across abandoned upper pastures and the pioneer trees like sumac and birch start filling in areas. These lands are farms that were sold off or the farmer died and the family moved away. Before long wildlife is abound with plenty of food. As the forest fills in and becomes a “climax” forest wildlife disappears for lack of food leaving mice and woodpeckers as residents.Fence line 01Starksboro, Vermont drawn from photos taken in the 1990’s

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From days past

A short trip down a back road that seemed to lead nowhere finally produced enough interest for a walk. An abandoned peach orchard with a couple of apple trees scattered around were on one side of the road. On the other side a bit farther on was someones former home now falling into decay. The stone wall hadn’t yet succumbed to nature but that isn’t far off. A tree here and there plus a cold snap with a touch of hard frost will move a rock.Abandoned farm No name road, Inman, South Carolina 4/16/2015

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