To Absent comrades


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Morning lunar eclipse

Normally we see a lunar eclipse at some point in the middle of the night, the moon is high in the sky and it becomes almost “seen one, you’ve seen them all” kind of experience. This eclipse however was different. Occurring at moonset, it gave one a chance to give the viewer the moon compared to a horizon, producing a new image of an eclipse. This also was during a ‘super moon’ and a blue moon (second full moon in a month). This image was made about 07:22; sunrise was 07:28. The yellow color comer from the approaching sun and seeing the moon through the earth’s atmosphere.

Campobello, Spartanburg County, South Carolina Intersection SC Rte. 11 & I-26, 1/31/2018 Camera Nikon D-80 lens 70~300mm @ 300mm.

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For all the Brothers that shed

blood with me, I thank you for

your service to Our Country.

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On one Moonlit Night…

…this does prowl, vales and hillsides of Vermont on the last night of October.

Canines slink away into the shadows; felines of all stripe get their fur raised and backs arched. That’s how you know to shut off lights and make no sounds. For what the Haint is searching unknown it is, but tales from the past that tell of children and animals missing are duly noted.
Vermont Haint, Studio work, Ferrisburgh, Vermont 10/13/2008

 This is a photo of some of the farmland in Ferrisburgh and the moon that was made on the given date and then the applied art work was added. The story comes from tales told in Vermont dating back to the 18th Century.

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Visual puns

Something of interest to me ever since I saw some of the Disney features like Dumbo and Song of the South are visual puns. One was “Did you ever hear a diamond ring?” You may without knowing came across others. Think of words that, when taken in another context, become totally unrelated to the original, don’t have the meaning but sound the same.

When one is sad, it may be said they are melancholy; could a dog become so sad they become a “Meloncollie”?
Rough collie and melon, Studio work, Inman, South Carolina 02/09/2017

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First touch of Winter

The long drought has ended. Rain, day of rain have soaked the soil leaving us with a shortage of around nine inches more to make up for Gaia’s stinginess. What can one expect when there are hordes of misfits torturing the Earth with crazy pseudo science plans that carry dire threats 50 to 100 years into the future. No one will remember or be alive at that point.
Anyway, a short trip up the mountain shifted the soggy precip over to the white chilly stuff which in South Carolina has the life expectancy of a mosquito in a nudist camp.
The leaves came off the trees not in a glorious display of color but trough the onset of early dormancy. It doesn’t make much difference how they come off the trees; we still have to rake them.
first-touch-of-winter Snow dusting, Pen, brush and ink, 12/303/2016, Foothills, Transylvania County, North Carolina

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Floral lure

One of the flowers that attract both humming birds and butterflies is Buddleia, the butterfly bush. I planted fifty feet of them along the fence and they with a small place need pruning every year. there are many varieties, some more hardy than others.
The bright flowers grow in spikes and bloom for most of the late spring through summer into early autumn. I have a constant cloud of Monarchs, Viceroys and Fritillaries. Intermixed are humming birds, a couple of pairs that nest near by. I searched for the nest to make photos; so far no luck. These nests are on a tree limb and are tiny.
The butterfly flower is pretty and the design makes it attractive to both bird and butterfly.
Butterfly bush flowers (02)

Butterfly bush flowers (01)My garden, Inman, South Carolina 08/28/2016

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Late August Garden

The days are still hot with nights around 70° or a bit higher and the humidly chasing that up the scale. One never knows which will win that race; one only hopes it’s the AC that comes in first place. But in the garden the plants love that humidity since we’ve not had much rain.
Which constantly surprises me that the Hostos does so well. This plant likes very moist soil, almost boggy conditions and I can assure you, my borders are more akin to the Savannah. Quite a bit more toward the xeric side. They are shaded and well mulched; from what I can see makes them happy. I have heard them called all sorts of names; the one that always stood out was Funkyia. Where that comes from take a WAG. These have been in bloom for about three weeks and have about a month to go. Which is why they make nice border plants, long blooming.
Hostos 01
Hostos 02bMy garden, Inman, South Carolina 08/28/2016

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The Little Patriot

When I made this photo I was taken by the enthusiasm of this kid, sitting off by himself, thoroughly enjoying the parade and his chance to join in the festivities. Every passing fire truck, band and marching unit was cause for more joy.The photo was made in 2008; I’d guess he’s about four and as should be at that age not a care in the world.
It was a time when one could let their child sit by themselves, without having the Nanny Police scooping up the tyke as abandoned and arresting the parent(s).

Now looking at this image, I wonder what this person is doing? He’s about 12 or 13 years old now; does he still come out to parades? Is he doing well in school? Does he still live in Vermont? What does he think of America, Americanism and the future in the year 2016?
Or has he turned to the DARK SIDE!
Happy 4th 01Main St, Vergennes 05/30/2008

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The Sun peeping…

… through the leaves, causes the birds to chirp, the bees to hum, flowers to open and the dew to start to evaporate. However you have to be up, have your camera in hand and the omnipresent cup of coffee as one waits for the Merry old Sol to make its quotidian appearance. The gloaming is full of secrets and surprises. Sneak out ans find them.
Sun peep Inman, South Carolina, 06/11/2016

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