Damp and chilly day

Hills and dales in damp and foggy weather hampers not most riders. If they enjoy their outing they will make sure to get out no matter what the conditions.Sunday ride 65Rte. 17 New Haven, Vermont 01/08/2006

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Red paint attracts water

Perhaps painting barns red isn’t the best choice. Seems that the rec color attracts moisture in one form or another. Paint the building red, stick it out in a field and the first thing it does in gather snow around it. Quite a bit of snow. Unruly amounts on snow.Red barn 4West Hill & Browns Road, Lincoln, Vermont 01/03/2006


Examine the next photo for the opposite results; let the red paint slough off the barn and voici! No water in any form. Just wonderful lush green foliage in a variety of species. There has to be something to this theory. No one has worked this hypothesis with other colors in the spectrum. It might prove interesting to probe this further rather than relying on ad hockery for proof.Lincoln barnSouth Lincoln Road Lincoln Vermont 09/27/2006


Now here again they used a slightly different hue of red and voià, water, oodles of water. Don’t argue, snow in the first photo is just another form of water. Wonder what would happen if one painted a barn blue? Magenta? Violet? Would you be run out of town?
Notice that the pole on the left has a fishin’ line in the water. Vermont’s strange.

River Rd Barn 109River Road New Haven Vermont 01/18/2006

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Getting a handle on our trees

If one doesn’t find a means of grabbing the frees down here in South Carolina when the snow falls, y’all will find them heading for somebody’s roof or a busy roadway. The easiest way to deal with this is to put handles of ‘em. Then when they start wandering off to cause trouble, y’all can grab them and put them back. A tree has to know it place.Winter SycamoresGhost Valley Road, Inman South Carolina 02/26/2015

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South Carolina fluff

Occasionally the clouds close up overhead and the temperatures descend in the upstate of South Carolina. With that white stuff falls out of the sky and as they say it commences to begin to coat things. It amuses me since 3″ of snow is cause to close schools, businesses, and gas stations. One would think 3′ dropped out of the sky. It’s nice and it’s gone in a day and a half. Notice that we fence in our trees down here when it snows. They have a tendency to get feisty when snow covered.Snow in SCIsland Ford Road, Inman South Carolina 12/26/2010

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Pasture Mops

Vermont has a secret for drying up soggy pastures. With all the snow and spring rains, there is a definite need to soak up the excess water for planting and grazing. Smart dairy farmers long have known that sheep had to be good for something besides converting feed into fertilizer. Then they run them down to the creek and wring them out by hand; this has a double benefit. The moisture is out of the pastures and fields and the lanolin in the wool keeps the farmers’ hands soft and good looking.DSC00120Leicester Whiting Road, Leicester, Vermont 01/20/2006

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At seasons end

As the seasons change, the days grow shorter and the nights cool of, meadow plants are the first to close up shop for the season. They become markers for the next generation of hay fever producers. They’ll be sentinels standing up in the first snows to be knocked down as winter progresses.Spring greetersButton Bay Road Panton, Vermont 08/30/2008

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Winter pasture is thin and the day is waning. These Clydesdales soon will be ready for the barn and a night inside. Not much snow covers the pastures yet; sometimes winter in Vermont is dry, other times very snowy.Clydesdales 540Rte.23 Weybridge, Vermont 12/28/2005

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This mundane farm chore in Vermont became a target of the Progressives. Flatlanders moving into the state from NJ, MA, CA and CT became worried about alga blooms in Lake Champlain. They decreed that farmers couldn’t spread manure on frozen ground, determined to be Dec. 15 as a cutoff date. Farmers had to dig holding ponds or erect tanks for storage until spring. Well Farmers have been spreading manure since Vermont became a state. What Vermont didn’t have was a bunch of Flatlanders building McMansions on the shore of Champlain, with acres of lawn being fertilized where fields once grew. And the Flatlanders wondered where the fertilizer came from in the lake.Spreading 125 aMiddle Road, Bridport, Vermont 12/07/2005

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Silo needs Cialis help

After years of stalwart upright work, this silo needs a bit of help. Perhaps Big Pharma can provide relief.Silo 546Monkton Road “Barnumtown” Monkton Vermont 12/29/2005

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A winter creek

After descending the sides of the Green Mountains, the Lewis Creek journeys through meadows and woods. Even with thee cold and snow the waters flow,sometimes under the ice but mostly without freezing over because of the fast flowing water. The silence of the snow covered trees and the soft burble of the water is most relaxing, even at 4°.Snowy creekSouth Lincoln Road, Lincoln Vermont 12/05/2007

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