As the seasons change, so do the birds we see in the area in which we live. This one probably came down the Atlantic Flyway. The easy identifier of the Coot is the white bill and the sooty black feathers. These birds like large open bodies of water, both brackish and fresh.
Normally coots are found in large flocks; they run on the water for a short distance before becoming airborne.
Coots are not ducks, they don’t have webbed feet. They belong to a distinct order Gruiformes and family Rallidae, the rails.
CootLake Bowen, Inman, South Carolina 11/18/2015
Feature Art bird photosBrigantine Wildlife Refuge Brigantine, NJ 02/21/1975 (Nikon F 500 mm mirror lens f5.6  250/sec Ektachrome 164)
Feature Art bird photos Brigantine Wildlife Refuge Brigantine, NJ 02/21/1975 (Nikon F 500 mm mirror lens f5.6  500/sec Ektachrome 164)

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Old South Carolina

Upstate South Carolina is farm country, even as it becomes more built up. Farm stands may be found at crossroads where traffic is more plentiful. Riding on the lesser traveled roads one will come across farm stands abandoned due to the change in travel habits. Rainbow Lake Road is a shortcut from Fingerville to Boiling Springs South Carolina. Now that Rte 9 is improved and more businesses are there, this farm stand was left to nature. The area used to be peach orchards, now houses.
Old produce transfer station
Old produce transfer stationRainbow Lake Road & Ghost Vally Road, Inman, South Carolina 11/15/2015

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The hunt for lunch

Poking through the water oak leaves for a choice acorn is the chore every day for lunch and dinner. The shore line of Lake Bowen is well covered with the oaks and hickory trees. Squirrels are quite abundant. Even with the surfeit of trees, as winter approaches, food becomes a bit more difficult to find, especially with the competition.
However winter is short here and boaters are on the water year round. Begging also provides some variety in the diet.
Squirrel Lake Bowen, Inman, South Carolina 11/18/2015

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A touch of gold

Everywhere there is one tree that manages to hold on to it’s foliage after others long shed their leaves. Riding one of the winding roads that loop around the hinterland on Inman this one, in spite of the gloomy sky, still had a glow about it.Last tree holding onFoster Road, Inman, South Carolina 11/18/2015

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After the storm

We had a fairly rough thunderstorm roll through just before sunset. Heavy rain and gusty winds which in south Carolina are to be expected. This late in the season however, the sycamores were still holding their leaves. The low setting sun combined with the retreating storm clouds produced this wonderful warm light on the trees.
Last daylightIsland Ford Road, Inman, South Carolina 11/19/2011

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International Paper plant

Looking west across Lake Champlain from Shoreham, Vermont one sees the IP paper plant in the Town of Fort Ticonderoga, NY.
The emissions from the plant are steam and condensed water vapor. The air temperature at that time of year was below freezing. The mid-afternoon sun combined with the approaching snow storm looming over the Adirondack Mountains provided the subdued background.
The freight in the foreground comes out of the Selkirk yards in Albany and is peddled all the way up to and then crosses into Canada at Rouses Point NY. The rails run right along Lake Champlain.

I.P. Fort Ti plantInternational Paper, Fort Ticonderoga, NY 11/04/2006

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A South Carolina Skyline

Driving over some of the more rural roads one expects to see barns, corn, peach orchards and farm stands. The one other item one sees with regularity is the steeple, thrust upwards through the trees and usually visible for a couple miles. This view is from New Cut Road. The church is over on Rte 11, about 3 miles away as the crow flies. I have no idea how far it is if the crow has to walk.another church Bethel Baptist Church Rte 11 Gowensville South Carolina 11/10/2015

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The Fixer Upper

Realtors are always on the lookout for the special place that they can sell to some individual who fancies himself ‘handy’. This place would be advertised as a cute fixer upper, in need of some TLC. Two or three hogsheads of paint and a small rain forest of lumber will have this place looking spiffy in no time. Imagine being able to sit on your front porch and watch the world go by.
Additional benefit has the roof warranty goes with the sale of the house. Not having to worry about that for 60 days is a real plus.

Great road frontage, big trees and a large lawn. House is sited back far enough from the road so that the occasional drunk, failing to negotiate the minor curve, won’t crash into the house.
Plenty of wildlife will traipse across your lawn: Possums, skunks, feral cats, a coyote or two and a few ubiquitous wild hogs. These can and will provide amusement and excitement.

Asking #197,950 cash or US postal money orders. Immediate closing No questions asked.
Fixer upper
Fixer upper Clark Road, Inman, South Carolina 11/15/2015

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Our Vets

For all those that served and are serving, Thanks from this Vietnam Vet.
Veterans DayStudio, Inman, South Carolina 11/11/2015

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Herding goats and cats

Many things may be seen on rural roads in farm country. Herding goats is one part of the daily chores; they need to graze. While herding goats this individual also manages to herd a couple of cats. Now that is a different chore. If you think that ‘s something you wish to try, feel free to attempt it at your leisure.Goat herding in InmanIsland Ford Road, Inman, South Carolina 10/16/2015

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