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Because this is a Leap Year, Spring arrives on 4/20, ½ hour into the day. Since I have way too much time on my hands, and feet, I took off my shoes and started counting back from that magical date, 45 days to arrive at today. I didn’t know I had so many fingers and toes. Hope “Springs” eternal!Halfway Hibiscus from my flower beds, Studio work, Inman, South Carolina 02/03/2016

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Manah manah in the snow

He’s a senior cat now; we found him as a kitten under our shed in August 2010. Manah manah is a real southern boy who has seen only one snow that was about 4″ deep. This one reached about 7″ but the wind drifted it here and there and he got his first lesson in snow depth. This one also had some ice which amused us but not him at all. His dignity was severely bruised when he ventured out where the wind had blown the snow away from the ice leaving him to find out that claws really aren’t much use on the slick stuff. He named after the Muppet tune.Cat in snowPen and Ink, studio work, Inman South Carolina 01/24/2016

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Snow on the Azalea

The last time this occurred was 2011. As you can guess, this is not common. It isn’t just snow, under the fluffy stuff is ice which is more common. There is around five inches, more than enough to turn the roads into bumper car rides. For some reason, drivers down here will not slow down for road conditions that sane people deem suicidal.
But it is pretty for the short time we have it. Which is why I moved from Vermont. 67 years of living and driving, shoveling and pushing snow was enough. This afternoon it well be above freezing, the sun will be out. Tomorrow in the 40’s and Tuesday rain. Bye-bye snow.Snow on AzaelaSnow in the Carolinas, Inman, South Carolina 01/23/2016

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Sketch book notes

When I think back upon places I’ve been at times, I suddenly remember something about a day or time that stuck with me. Usually these sketches become notes for oil paintings or water colors when I have the time. (a rarity) So they get folded over and while not forgotten, dissolve in the mists of time. such is Little Otter Creek in Ferrisburgh before it gets to the falls.Little Otter Creek Pen and Ink Studio work South Carolina 01/09/2016

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Winter fenceline

In Vermont, exposed fence lines in hillside pastures will have snow about one inch deep on one side and over your head on the other side. The wind will pick up the snow and move it across a pasture leaving bare grass and snow windrows, almost as if it was raked. Then the wind will shift and a different landscape is presented. this occurs at least in the northern part of the state where I was from because the humidity is low and the snow usually dry. The Temperatures, well are also cold. To flatlanders, it’s Nanook weather.Winter fencelinePen and Ink,  Studio work, South Carolina 011/19/2016

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Moss Glen Falls

Where the Green Mountains form a narrow V shaped twisting valley, route 100 is wedged into the bottom. The sun shines in there for perhaps one hour a day around Noon, plus or minus depending just where you are located. On the western side one of the multitudinous streams flowing in Vermont suddenly finds that it runs out of stream bed. One huge chunk of granite produces a drop of some 60 or more feet. This isn’t Victoria Falls, not even close, but when one is driving down 100, this is an abrupt image, you’re upon it with no warning. Not a quiet one either.Moss Glen FallsPen and Ink, Studio work South Carolina 01/15/2016

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Old work shed

Like me, my shed is showing it’s age. I can repair it and will I think but it may be wiser to erect a new one. With the cost of materials, labor, time and demolition of the old shed, I can rent a back hoe, dig a foundation, get concrete poured and have a metal carport type building enclosed with windows and doors for about $900 more than stick built. I do some of the work and then I get to drink a beer or five while others toil in the Carolina sun. One gets smart in their dotage.
Old work shedPen and ink studio work South Carolina 01/07/2016

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Deer camp door

Every deer camp in Vermont no matter how remote has a door with a lock. Long gone are the days when one could leave a place open and expect to find is as one left it the year before. That’s a shame but that’s the times in which we live. Small items always intrigue me, they have a nature of their own and take on a patina of their surroundings and time.Old house doorPen and ink Studio work South Carolina 01/07/2016

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Ragweed deadheads

After a hard frost and winter rains knock down the grasses and succulent weeds, what is left is those with a woody stem. the pervasive ragweed stands as sentinels in the fields just to remind one that while winter quells the allergies, they’re waiting for a Springtime rebirth.
It was so different to me when I moved to South Carolina. A high pollen count in Vermont might be between 70 and 100; I never was bothered with hay fever. Here the pollen count numbers are7X what I was used to having. It’s Certizine all season long.
Winder deadheadsPen and ink on paper studio work South Carolina 12/03/2015

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Colby Road shed

One of the farm field sheds that has fallen into a dilapidated condition. A few more years and it will fall down on it own.Colby Rd barnPen and ink on paper Studio work South Carolina 01/04/2016

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