Back when I roamed the byways and rural hills of the states looking for photos for stock agencies, I traveled with another photographer who also did the same kind of work. She shared the driving so hat each of us had a chance to get the photo from a more busy road. By the time the trip was over the passenger side foot well was filled with empty film boxes.
Sometimes we got a motel room other times we slept in the car because we had a place we wanted to be before sunrise so as to capture the before, during and just after of the daybreak.
This photo of the field hand was made in western Maryland toward sundown from the moving car. (We weren’t going that fast, almost no traffic) One of those serendipity moments that one grabs. A minute earlier or later and the light is wrong or the hand is doing something else.Migrant worker 1Leitersburg Smithburg Road, Leitersburg, Maryland 08/22/1970 Nikon F Ektachrome 64 200mm Nikkor @f5.6/250/sec (All the data is recorded in a notebook which I kept of all work)

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Day’s End

This barn was bathed in the warm glow of he late summer evening. There were some thin clouds filtering the light giving this tint to the image plus the dust in the air that isn’t present in the morning. I had just bought my first digital camera, a Sony F8F and was out working with it.
BarnVermont barn, Hawkins Road, Ferrisburgh Vermont 06/22/2005

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At the farmer’s market

In farm country, the farmer’s market is on the weekend a place to meet and exchange gossip and farming ideas. One also buys what isn’t grown on your place and usually you sell your product as well. There is always room for something to pretty up the house.Travel photosCobleskill Farmers Market Cobleskill, NY 07/24/1972 Nikon F Ektachrome 64 f4@500/sec 85mm Nikkor lens

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A bit of history

For those of you old enough to remember the early ’70’s, maybe with fondness, maybe not, here’s an image I made while working for the papers. I don’t remember the reason for the visit, probably some urban removal project so favored at those times. This was in White Plains, NY more than likely for the bestowing of loot on the city to fold spindle and mutilate some blighted section so the Poobahs needed face time. The other characters were County figures and city puppets. Just thought I’d take you back in time.
Back then papers were black and white with a rare color image. It is so helpful to learn to compose in B&W; it makes for strong photos. There isn’t any color to help a weak image.
News VP Spiro Agnew White Plains, NY, 06/01/1971 Nikon F Plus-X 200mm Nikkor lens

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With a green thumb

Growing tomatoes in pots is easy. Watering is fast, no weeding, bugs are non-existent, minimal fertilizing and easy picking. One plant in a 5 gallon tub, good soil and a modicum on attention early on will give you more than enough tomatoes for tour use. These are cherry tomatoes, success can be had with grape, and any 70-72 day growing plants. Cage them water well but don’t over water or you will blossom end rot. Two plants will provide more than your can use. Grow them on your patio or deck, city or country. Happy eating.Cherry tomatoes Inman, South Carolina, 0702/2015

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The Surfers

Cape May Boardwalk running along Beach Ave is a quiet place before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. The locals get a change to enjoy the ocean particularly in April and early May. The water is cold, it’s windy and damp and the waves are driven by the weather. So why not get the boards and work those free waves and barren beaches.Boarders on the Boardwalk Beach Ave, Boardwalk Cape May, 04/12/1971

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Mother and Child

In my wanderings, I wound up at my sister’s house. She and her husband had just bought the place and needed a tyke to help fill up some of the space. She obliged. My arrival was around Christmas eve, 1970. Not one to miss a opportunity for a photo, I made this and a batch of others. Ree is now a Mom in her own with her own horde of kids and time moves on.Best of ReeRee at age one or there about, NJ 12/24/1970

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The face in your eyelids

How many times when you’ve had a fever, maybe not a high one but around 100.6° and you’re not asleep and not awake. You know there is some one in the room, close, very close, for you can sense them. So you open your eyes or so your think but in the semi sleep/dream, you’re actually looking through your eyelids. That’s when your see the face, close staring at you and it’s is breathing on you-just breathing, softly. you move a little but the face stays right there until finally you manage to open one eye, then the other. This-this thing vanishes fast, where you don’t know but you think you can still hear the breathing.The face in your eyelids From My Book of Dreams, Pen and Ink Studio work 2015

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A July afternoon in the Champlain Valley

July in Vermont in haying, tending crops such as garden products and seeing how all the corn is. With school out the creeks and rivers are filled with kids and families cooling off. Then it’s back to the farm for the afternoon chores feeding and reading the parlour for milking. The herd has to be brought in from the pasture. There is always the cloud buildup and the chance of an afternoon thunder storm. This is a field of alfalfa waiting to be mowed.Weather ArtRoute 30, Whiting, Vermont 07/30/2005

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Computer art

When I read Frank Herbert’s “Dune” I was stunned by the imagery he put into that book. I drew some sketches, did some watercolors, but none of them satisfied my inner vision. Along comes the computer, and Photoshop. At first I used Photoshop as an editing tool but soon realized it’s potential to go beyond those limits. The combination of airbrush, paint, line and layers turned my kid free.
Unfortunately, the need to put food on the table truncated this foray into this area. I’m going back.DuneThe Planet Dune’s other Name!
ArrakisComputer art using the muse, and Photoshop tools. Circa 1994

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