Spring Sign

In South Carolina, the peach blossom is a sure sign that the sun has crossed over the Equator and the days are now longer than the nights. While a chance of frost is possible, it will be fleeting and not deep. This is the sure cure for cabin fever, time to scratch that gardening itch. The jonquils, hyacinths and tulips are in full bloom.  So is hay fever. Peach blossoms 2013Inman, South Carolina 03/29/2013

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The Fisherman

We have a mental image the of opening say of trout season showing some toff in his LL Bean chest waders, wicker creel, felt hat and handcrafted fly rod casting to rising trout on a limpid pool. Thank you Norman Rockwell. In Vermont, opening day is usually colder than the well digger’s butt, has a stiff north wind and wouldn’t be complete without some rain or sleet. The trout are all huddled at the bottom of those now roiling ‘limpid’ pools. Most fishermen get down to the water’s edge and dunk worms to entice those indifferent trout. Com’on July!Opening day trout seasonThe Slough, Panton Road Panton, Vermont 04/12/2008

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Spring Pasture

As the snows recede, the sugaring starts, the pastures become open, the sheep and goats get out and feed on natural browse. Spring in Vermont is a fickle season, warm one day, 70° temperatures and a day later, a foot of snow covers everything.Sunny pasture 01Vergennes Monkton Rd. Ferrisburgh Vermont, 03/21/2008

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Mud Season

Vermont’s fifth season is the one that catches flatlanders by surprise and provides wheel alignment shops with a boost in business. The frost comes out, numerous springs that show up only during the thaw percolate water into the roads. Blacktop roads peel like old sunburn and the frost heaves go back to sleep till nest year.Barnum Rd mud 5Barnum Hill Road, Shoreham Vermont 03/21/2006

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Playing everybody’s hand

Cribbage tourneys are big draw in certain towns in Vermont . Late winter cabin fever, warming days but still cold for outside work gets people together for a Saturday of fun and a chance to see neighbors that have been closed in too. There is always someone who wants to know who has the better hand and will nearly fall out of a chair to find out.Bridport cribbage tourneyBridport Masonic Lodge Bridport Vermont 02/04/2006

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Getting ready for opening day

Prepping for opening day of trout season is as much a rite as actually getting out on a icy stream, freezing for a morning and wondering why you do this year after year. Why did you tie those flies? The answer is: Because. Tying flies is as much an art as it is a skill. One has to know what the insect looks like in color and how it floats on the surface or in the case of a nymph, how it travels with the current underwater. Classes are held for novices and practiced tyiers alike for a couple of evenings of camaraderie and learning.Fly Tying Class 15Fly Tying Class 15aMiddlebury High School, Middlebury, Vermont 03/06/2006

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The ‘Not for Sale’

Sitting under the snow looking forlorn, this truck gets many inquiries as to it’s availability. In the passenger’s window written by a finger is not for sale (can’t make it out in photo). Owner uses the truck to service farm machinery in the fields and as a business for other farmers.
OverwelmedField Days Road, New Haven, Vermont 02/08/2008

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Climbing the grade

After crossing the Canton Trestle, the train has to climb a short but steep grade to Canton, then a short down hill into the yard at the cardboard plant in Canton. This is right alongside Rte 19/23.Norfolk SouthernThis is a previous posted photo of this consist at the top of the grade. I merely turned around to make this image. They were taken about a minute apart.Norfolk SouthernRte 19/23 Canton North Carolina 01/27/2010

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Outstanding in it’s own field

Snowbound for another year, again. Vermont has many old vehicles that sit, viewing the same patch of scenery until the scenery overtakes them.Old carSperry Road Cornwall, Vermont 02/27/2007

Traveling along the road, I happened to find the property owner outside one day, so I asked him about the old truck and for permission to enter his property to make this image of the truck. It’s a 1929 Chevy pickup and it came from Colorado. RIP!
Old PickupSperry Road Cornwall, Vermont 04/19/2009

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There are some places where the world doesn’t intrude at least not easily. Back in some of the coves of North Carolina and well Vermont’s hollows too exist those that live by the fix it up, wear it out, make do; also in the woods of Maine and northern New Hampshire. This place isn’t that far off the beaten path however, located just off old Rte 19/23 west of Candler. I checked on Google Earth, it’s still there, looks about the same.CootervilleWest of Candler, East of Canton North Carolina 01/29/2010

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