Saying Good-bye

ZODIAC and his brother wee orphaned in New Orleans during Katrina. His mistress adopted the pair from a rescue center and brought them to Vermont.
Zodiac was the most affable pup who knew that I always had a dog biscuit in my pocket when I saw the pair. This photo of ZODIAC mas made on 01/06/2007; he was maybe six months old.
AOT art

A departed comrade
I’m not sure what Zodiac had, but it was serious enough that he was put down then and there.

Zodiac’s Mistress is a good friend of mine and I know the pain of the loss really hit her. If you are from Vermont, you may know her, if not her privacy is paramount for me.

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Back from the hospital

This is the first day that I’ve been able to sit up for an hour. Doc doesn’t want any longer than than than so until I figure out how to levitate, I’m restricted to lying on my side. Surgical wounds have to heal first. This restricts much activity; I’m bringing the board and pencils into the bedroom . Perhaps I can do some drawing.

Long surgery, 7 hours and from what the OR nurses said very rough.

Thanks fro sticking around.

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If you dare

Searching inside the nest takes great courage for in the Swamp of Iniquity, there are many dangers. Vince Foster found out that one night, others just never came back. But sneaking around carefully, the stalwart individual may part some grasses and leaves and come face to face with the denizen of the NEST, a Congress Critter. Do you recognize yours?CritterPen and Ink Studio work 05/30/2015

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The nest

Most people don’t know where to look for them. You have to look in the darker places, under low hanging shrubs, in thorny bramble patches and anywhere it is damp, fetid with sluggish waters that have an oily sheen on them. When you find those places, you will have found a “Politician’s Nest”. Look for scales that have been shed as a clue.
Tomorrow, a peek inside that nest at your Congress Critter.
TheNesting PlacePen and ink Studio work 05/28/2015

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To my readers

Wednesday AM I’m going into the VA Hospital for cancer surgery. From what the cutter tells me I should be in there for at least 7 to 8 days, maybe as long as ten. Obviously this is major; this is the second time, the cancer came back. It is small, all tests say that it is localized, blood work and CT scans are normal. After this I’m going to develop an allergy to scalpels.

I have the same surgeon as the last time, he’s good and the team working with him are good too.

I’m fortunate, Ive gone to two good VA hospitals, one in Vermont at White River Junction and now at Asheville NC.

I’ll Post Sunday and Monday, then I need some time to get things in order.

I hope to see all of you again when I start posting again so please don’t leave. I really appreciate your coming by. By the way, you can always leave a comment on what you like or don’t, I shall reply to them. I do look up your sites to see what you’re doing. Probably like me, you’re busy too.

See you in a couple of weeks or sooner.


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Patch of nature

Waiting for a friend to finish with an appointment today, gave me a few minutes to get a fast impression of the edge of the parking lot field. Nothing large, but just a place that doesn’t get mowed.Sketch book work. A little patch of nature.Field flowers Pen and ink Sketch book work 05/28/2015

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Anyone, especially us old coots have more than one pair of eyeballs. If I didn’t I’d never have been able to draw this. There is always something to draw, paint or photograph. Don’t let a day go by without getting into the studio, if for nothing more than for morning coffee. Keep up that habit. I carry a sketch book with me along with the camera; it’s like the American Express card. I don’t leave home without them. Develop the habit.GlassesPen and ink Studio work 05/28/2015

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Mop up for a Mini

The Vergennes Opera House has a “Women’s Fall Foliage Ralley’ that draws vehicles of all types. Usually held on the first Saturday in October, they’ll get some 40 participants. The starting point is City Park Vergennes, then they follow the route set out winding up at a place for dinner and awards. The flag for the start of the ralley this year provided a bit of visual humor as the item was a mop. Needless to say, that bit of subtle humor wasn’t repeated the following year; a proper flag was produced for the send off. As a newspaper photographer, that type of happenings are the meat and potatoes of any beat photographer. If you miss these kinds of photos, you won’t be long on the job. Bet the competition didn’t.Mop up for a Mini Women’s Fall Foliage Ralley Vergennes City Park, Vermont 10/08/2005
Vergennes Ladies Fall Foliage RallyWomen’s Fall Foliage Ralley Vergennes City Park, Vermont 09/16/2006

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Prop. Country Store

Back when Vermont was still Vermont, home of the Woodchucks, the farmers, the store owners and the towners, one could find an assortment of individuals that didn’t fit into the run of the mill people. These were the ones you found in the country stores, who may also be the postmasters for the town and the local news source for just about anything happening. They knew directions to every where as long as you knew the difference between a maple and an oak or a tedder and a rake. If they told you “You can’t hardly get there from here.” it was mud season. Smart people paid attention.
This was before the granolas aka the back to nature hippies invaded. There is a section of Vermont still known as the Granola Crescent, running from Groton up through Peacham in Caldonia County. These are the “Do your own thing” as long as it’s our thing crowd.
Note the sign over the gentleman’s head, he’s not going to deal with the banks.
Mr. VermontCountry Store, Rte 5 Weathersfield Vermont 06/22/1970 Nikon F 85mm f1.8 Nikkor lens Ektachrome X 160 ASA

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There’s something on…

…on my fingers.
After you go to sleep you don’t want to leave extremities ticking out from under the covers. You never know who is going to visit and fingers are tasty to nibble on for certain critters. As all children know one has to check under the bed, but that isn’t any security for some of the nocturnal transients can fit between the headboard and the wall. One just can’t be too careful.
The night visitorFrom “My Book of Dreams-‘The Night Visitor'” Pen, brush and ink

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