Rainy day shelter

All day the rain came and went as a drizzle to a cold rain. The week hasn’t seen the sun and won’t until the first of October. Can’t complain since we’re over 6″ short of normal rainfall.
That doesn’t mean that the horses in the pasture won’t take advantage of a bit of leafy shelter.Rainy day shelter 02Holly Springs Rd, Inman, South Carolina 09/27/2015

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Rainy day shopping

Never and I mean never let a chance to shop pass you by. Rain isn’t a deterrent. If the item is too much for you to move dragoon the services of some one from the store.
If you have to go out, you can’t come back empty handed!
Furniture shopping on Inman Main St
Small towns centers dying offMain St, Inman South Carolina 10/10/2015

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Old South Carolina

It happened one day. For some it came as a surprise; for others it didn’t, since rumors were rife, but the effect on the small towns was enormous.The quiet in and around town about 07:17 made people look around for what was missing. Missing were the trains.
One day those diesels were bellowing up the Saluda Grade in North Carolina. Then they weren’t. The quiet came around the year 2000.

Gaines Packing House 02These trains moved goods from Spartanburg to Asheville hauling everything including beef, pork and poultry. Spartanburg is a huge rail city; they call it the Hub City for Norfolk Southern and CSX. (That’s the old Clinchfield Coal road, one of the largest roads hauling coal out of Kentucky and Virginia)
Gaines Packing House 05And the small towns watched as their jobs and businesses disappeared.The rails are there. There isn’t any need to align the turnout for the siding. The phantom steam locomotive can’t derail.
The lower part of this line is used in Spartanburg servicing local industry.
Instead of those behemoths pulling long consists of freight, we now have miles of trucks on I-26 paralleling the unused tracks.
Gaines Packing House 03Gaines Packing House, Miller Rd, Inman, South Carolina 10/10/2015

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The last warm days

One takes advantage of these days; early October is color change, warm sunny days and chilly nights, the harbinger of things to come. Any weekend where the sun is out, smart Vermonters make use of the free warmth.
Soon the fountain will be shut off and frozen; the greensward sere and the trees leafless. the flowers gone until next year.

Warm day, cool fountain 25
City Park, Merchants Row, Middlebury, Vermont 10/04/2005

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Old South Carolina

In the not so distant past, much of of our clothing was made here in America. With the advent of the union push to raise wages, and the low cost labor in the Asian countries and India the mills slowly closed; people lost jobs and towns died. One can travel through North and South Carolina and find towns that are shells of their former glory.VClosed mill 01
Old Mill, Park and Fourth St., Inman Mills, South Carolina 09/27/2015

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Old South Carolina

Long ago one crop in the South was king and many places were locations for cotton sales. Times changed and jobs moved on but the buildings remained. Now weathered with rusted metal roofs and faded painted signs proclaiming a past livelihood for businesses that now exist overseas. Old sales barn 03
Old sales barn 01 Holly Springs Rd near Rte 357, Campobello, South Carolina 09/27/2015

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The Last of Steam Power

Looking at the drive wheel of a Union Pacific Bug Boy engine, one might find it hard to understand how a small driver could produce such power. the drive wheels were small, not like the large ones on passenger locomotives. those produced speed. These had POWER, pulling power. they were configured as 4-8-8-4 and they were articulated so they could manage tighter curves. Not tight curves but tighter curves. These engines hauled freight out west where the tracks were straighter and could pull the higher grades found in the mountains; when necessary, they double headed pulling long consists. Manufactured by ALCO these were the most powerful locomotives ever made.
One of the most disturbing things is this museum is run by the Federal Government and is not well maintained. 4012 looked like it was painted with a 4″ house brush.
Steamtown link to 4012
Union Pacific Big Boy
Union Pacific Big Boy
Union Pacific Big BoyUP Big Boy Steamtown, Scranton PA, 06/17/2011

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Another attractant for hummingbirds is the hibiscus which will grow well in temperate zones. Some specie won’t tolerate frost; others will take a mild freeze.
Hibiscus 03
Hibiscus, Inman, south Carolina 09/24/2015

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I’ve been busy traveling back and forth to the hospital. the doctors are going to start chemo once more which just puts the brakes on most activity. It takes much of the strength away. Enough of that.
These are two bougainvillea plants that are in hanging baskets on the deck, one is a variegated leaf and a more orange flower. these are there for the hummingbirds and have attracted many.Bougainvillea 01
Variegated Bougainvillea 01
Bougainvillea, Inman South Carolina, 09/24/2015

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Summertime sunset on Mt Abe

Mt. Abe is one of the taller peaks in the Green Mountains and is south of Camel’s Hump. Having this height it gets a full set of seasonal changes and weather changes during the seasons. I’ve made different photos of this peak; this is one of my favorites since it shows most of the western face.Travel photos Mt Abe seen from West Hill Rd and Brown’s Rd, Lincoln VT, 08/27/2003

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